Rockingham County Commissioners

Katharin K. Pratt, Chair

Kevin Coyle, Vice Chair

Thomas Tombarello, Clerk

119 North Road

Brentwood, NH 03833

tel. 603-679-9350


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The Board of Commissioners are dedicated to the residents of Rockingham County.  Each Commissioner represents a District and all the towns and cities in that District. 

The structure of county government today is modeled after a basic three-branch system of government. The County Commissioners make up the Executive Branch, which is responsible for the day-to-day operations of county government, in both fiscal and policy matters. The Board of Commissioners is responsible for all county departments and exercise budgetary oversight of all county finances. Other responsibilities include the management of county buildings, and land, and personnel. Authority to permanently hire, discipline, and discharge a county employee is solely the responsibility of the county commissioners unless otherwise provided for.

organization chart for Rockingham County

Katharin K. Pratt, District I Commissioner

Katharin PrattServing: Danville, East Kingston, Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, Kingston, New Castle, Newington, Newton, North Hampton, Plaistow, Portsmouth, Rye, Seabrook, South Hampton, Stratham

Hampton is my home where my political career began as a member of the Hampton Budget Committee in 1991. Then, from 1992-1996, I was a member of the State Legislature before being elected a County Commissioner in 1997.  My goal is to maintain Rockingham's quality services and traditionally low county taxes in an environment of diminishing federal and state Medicaid funding and to fight further cost shifting by the State of New Hampshire to local property taxes. 

Thomas Tombarello, District II Commissioner

Commissioner Thomas TombarelloServing: Atkinson, Brentwood, Epping, Exeter, Fremont, Hampstead, Newfields, Newmarket, Raymond, Salem, Sandown

With over a decade of public service, I represent my district with the dedication and thoroughness the taxpayers deserve.  My public service ranges from law enforcement, conservation commission, planning board, and Selectman.  As a small business owner I know first-hand the hard work and commitment it takes for a small business to survive.  My family and I live in Sandown and you will often see me at my children’s sporting and school events.


Kevin L. Coyle, District III Commissioner

Commissioner Kevin CoyleServing:











See below for the current agenda, meeting notices, agenda archives, and minutes

The Board of Commissioners have regularly scheduled meetings weekly.  All meetings are held in the Commissioners Conference Room of the Rockingham County Complex, 117 North Road, Brentwood, NH unless otherwise noted on the posting.  All meetings are posted 24 hours in advance per state statutue.  Please see below for the most current meeting agenda (eff. 1/1/2014).

Minutes: 1/1/2014 to 7/30/2014 approved minutes

 Next anticipated meeting scheduled for September 3, 2014

Date(s) Event Attachment
1/1/2014 Meeting agenda
1/3/2014 Meeting agenda
1/6/2014 Meeting agenda
1/8/2014 Meeting agenda
1/9/2014 Meeting agenda
1/13/2014 Meeting agenda
1/15/2014 Meeting agenda
1/17-2/3/2014 Notice Notice
1/21/2014 Meeting agenda
1/23/2014 Meeting agenda
1/23/2014 Notice Notice
1/29/2014 Meeting agenda
2/4/2014 Meeting agenda
2/5/2014 Notice Notice
2/7/2014 Notice Notice
2/12/2014 Notice Notice
2/12/2014 Meeting agenda
2/19/2014 Meeting agenda
2/21/2014 Notice Notice
2/21/2014 Meeting agenda
2/25/2014 Meeting agenda
2/26/2014 Meeting agenda
3/3/2014 Notice Notice
3/4/2014 Notice Notice
3/4/2014 Meeting agenda
3/12/2014 Meeting agenda
3/18/2014 Meeting agenda
3/26/2014 Meeting agenda
4/1/2014 Meeting agenda
4/9/2014 Meeting agenda
4/15/2014 Meeting agenda
4/18/2014 Meeting agenda
4/23/2014 Meeting agenda
4/29/2014 Meeting agenda
5/2/2014 Notice Notice
5/5/2014 Notice Notice
5/7/2014 Meeting agenda
5/13/2014 Meeting agenda
5/21/2014 Meeting agenda
5/22/2014 Notice Notice
5/28/2014 Meeting agenda
5/30/2014 Notice Notice
6/4/2014 Notice Notice
6/4/2014 Meeting agenda
6/10/2014 Meeting agenda
6/18/2014 Meeting agenda
6/24/2014 Meeting agenda
7/1/2014 Meeting agenda
7/8/2014 Meeting agenda
7/16/2014 Meeting agenda
7/22/2014 Meeting agenda
7/30/2014 Meeting agenda
7/31/2014 Meeting agenda
8/5/2014 Meeting agenda
8/13/2014 Meeting agenda
8/20/2014 Meeting agenda
8/27/2014 Meeting agenda
9/3/2014 Meeting agenda
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