Requests for Proposals/Bids

Bid Results: Excel File / PDF (2015) / PDF (2014)

Rockingham County is seeking proposals for services/products.  Please open the below documents for proposal requirements.

Notice to bidders: If mailing through UPS, FedEx, or other carrier, please ensure the name of the RFP you are responding to is clearly marked on the outside of the carrier envelope/package.  Items not clearly marked as an RFP may be opened with regular mail and therefore invalidated/rejected.

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact the department making the request.

Vendor Lists: Each department maintains a "bidder" list.  To be added to a list for RFP mailings, please contact the department(s) directly.

RFP Proposals Due
Commercial Washer 03/27/2015 3:00pm
Air Mattress System *addendum added 3/18/2015 03/31/2015 3:00pm
Mobile Data Terminals *amended 3/22/2015 03/31/2015 3:00pm
Active Passive Trainer 04/07/2015 3:00pm
Bladder Scanner System *RFP for Medical Grade Scanner canceled on 3/26/15 04/07/2015 3:00pm
Ware Washing Products 04/13/2015 3:00pm
Vehicles: Sheriff's Office 04/21/2015 3:00pm 
Microwave Ring Network 04/21/2015 3:00pm